Konzert + Lesung + Vernissage

Sangre de Muerdago (ES-GA) + Aerial Ruin (US) + Ulrike Serowy (DE)
+ Christoph Voy (DE) Vernissage „White Lies Fever“


((unterholz))) ist noch nicht mal ein Jahr, feiert am 07.11. aber bereits so etwas wie einen vorzeitigen Geburtstag – könnte man meinen, denn was an diesem Abend in unserem kleinen Laden passiert, ist schon beinahe eine wahnwitzig große Nummer. Ab 21 Uhr spielen die Bands Sangre de Muerdago und Aerial Ruin. Auf den dunkelverwunschen Folk dieser Musiker aus Spanien und den USA stimmen nicht nur heftige Weihrauchschwaden ein, sondern auch die Kölner Schriftstellerin Ulrike Serowy mit einer Lesung aus ihrer Novelle „Skogtatt“. Der Berliner Fotograf Christoph Voy hat sich für seine neue, ab 19 Uhr hier, an diesem Tag, erstmalig ausgestellte Show „White Lies Fever“ noch tiefer in die Nacht gewagt, als man es aus seinen Arbeiten bereits kennt. So tief wohl, dass die Nacht ihn nun bemerkt hat – und zurückzustarren beginnt: durch seine Kamera, auf ihn … auf dich! Und ihre dunkle Essenz nagt sich durch deine Augäpfel in deinen Verstand.

Freitag, 07. November 2014,
ab 19 Uhr Vernissage,
ab 21 Uhr Konzerte + Lesung


(Woods of Galicia – DIY)

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO is the brainchild of Pablo, creative musician known for his past in many crust bands such as Ekkaia, Leadershit, Cop on Fire, and nowadays drummer for Ursus.

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO puts together the four winds to create a world of fairy-like reality. Calling up our oldest memories and melodies and giving the quieter and more melancholic Galician Folk from the late 70s and early 80s a new dimension, where nature, folk tales, old wisdom, mysteries and love get together to build up a future far from technological civilization. Finger picked guitars, cello, violin/viola, baroque flute and ocassional percussion and hurdy-gurdy, dance together on a beauty invocation, on a feast of passion and melodies that will awake our sleeping „myself“, our true soul.

With its music, SANGRE DE MUERDAGO brings us to a world of ancient musical enchantment.


(Portland, Oregon, USA – Vendlus Records)

Aerial Ruin is the solo project of Erik Moggridge whose current and former bands include Old Grandad, Drift of a Curse, and the late eighties / early nineties thrash metal band Epidemic.



Ulrike Serowy puts music into words. Born in 1983, she has been writing ever since she knew how. After graduating in Early Modern History, English and Scandinavian languages and literature and Archaeology, she has been living in Cologne, Berlin and on the go. She also plays the guitar and loves cats.

Ulrike is reading some parts of her book „Skogtatt“, which contains illustrations by artist and composer Faith Coloccia of Mamiffer.

„Noise smashed its way out of the hut. It chewed inexorably into the cold night air like an animal unleashed, sinking iron teeth into the silence.“

„»Skogtatt« is an attempt to put extreme music in words. Who plays this music wants to summon the unspeakable. But what happens when he will be heard?

In the Norwegian language, »bergtatt« means enchanted, enthralled, spellbound. It also means to have been lured into the mountains by the hidden folk. In this book, it is the forest, the »skog«, which lures the wanderer to his doom.“

last.FM: http://www.last.fm/event/3967127


Adding to this amazing line-up will now also photographer Christoph Voy. His new show „White Lies Fever“ is not just one another of his notorious and well published trips into the depth of the night.
In these photographs Christoph touches close, too close to the essence of darkness, … and now the night has noticed him. The night glares back. At him. At you. These photos will grind your corneals and pull your mind into an unholy abyss.


voy-holy0100 voy-aff02 voy_0792voy_0570